Dec 17

What Constitutes Responsible Driving Habits?

To properly classify the term “responsible driving” which is according to BestTrafficSchool.com would be to say that it describes a driver always having his or her vehicle under control so that there is always the possibility of avoiding a mishap. This definition would also incorporate common courtesies in relation to other drivers that are currently sharing the same roadway.

This process is a lot more complicated than many people realize, and in many cases drivers tend to take things too much for granted. For instance a driver may not be paying attention too much about proper driving habits for quite a long time.

Even though a driver’s concentration on safety may be lacking quite a bit, it is possible that nothing bad will happen either for quite a while. This will tend to cause the driver to assume that nothing bad really never will happen because he or she has had quite a long run with no adverse consequences.

This is a very dangerous attitude, because when driving, you are always in a vulnerable situation. People like this are many times not aware of the grace that other drivers have shown them which has actually kept them from having an accident.

If a driver drives responsibly, it is because that driver has purposely chosen to do so. That means that maintaining proper speeds at the proper limits, avoiding tailgating, and simply assuming that there will eventually be someone else nearby who will not be paying the same type of attention.

In assuming this, a driver will be prepared to adjust his or her driving at the moment in order to avoid someone else’s erratic driving.

One of the main factors in avoiding accidents, and thus making responsible driving decisions, is the act of maintaining proper spacing between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead of yours. Today, more and more drivers have lost respect for this simple rule, as everyone seems to be in a hurry and seem willing to “push” the envelop as they follow you.

If everyone followed the proper rules for maintaining one car length for every 10 miles per hour of speed, when following there would be far fewer accidents.

Speeding is another big factor in the seriousness of accidents. A person can be killed in an accident where speed is less than 30 miles per hour, due to the impact force of heavy vehicles in motion.

Certainly responsible driving is simply having the respect for the other drivers and operating your vehicle in such a way to be able to control it in every situation.

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