Nutcase Helmet Design Contest

Nutcase HelmetHave you ever wanted to take a stab at designing your very own style of Nutcase Helmet? (Yeah, that is right, create and design a helmet on your own with the chance of it being produced in 2014!)

Now we’re counting on YOU to put your talents to the test and design the next great Nutcase Helmet. So express yourself. Push the envelope.  Show us what you got!

Create a striking design for a Helmet.  Your design must be submitted on the Blank Nutcase Helmet Template.  Be bold.  Be creative.


General Category – Open to Adults & Young Adults that are Age 13 and over

Childrens Category – Open to Children that are Age 12 and under.

Contestant Eligibility & Dates

Everyone is invited to participate in the contest and submit a unique design.  All Online Designs must be submitted by March 18th!  After March 18th, additional submissions will be accepted at the show on March 23 and 24th!

Design Eligibility

Contestants may submit up to Two (2) Designs using the Blank Nutcase Helmet Template below.

Design Ideas & Suggestions

Think BIG, BOLD, CARTOONY imagery and design as opposed to photo-realistic imagery.  Use up to 3 colors as opposed to the entire rainbow.   For inspiration, check out some of Nutcase Helmets best sellers

How Winners are Selected

Final selection of the top 3 designs in each category will be done at the PDX Bicycle Show on March 24, 2013!

A team of judges from Nutcase will determine which top designs make the initial cut.  From there, designs will be “shared” on our website and Facebook for “public voting”.


The following cash prizes will be awarded for each category:

Grand Prize – $300

Second Prize – $150

Third Prize – $50

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