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Nutcase Helmet Design Contest

Mountain biking, in simple terms, is a form of cycling on unpaved surfaces or offroad. An example of offroad and unpaved surfaces are dirt roads and mountain trails. You can bet that cycling on such areas can pose a great challenge to the biker, and to make this type of biking be a great experience, bikers use the sturdy frame as well as flat tires. This sport really evolved over time, and the number of competitive and recreational mountain biking enthusiasts is increasing as time progresses.

The mountain biking of today is quite different from how it use to be some decades ago. It is currently a sport that uses the technology alike that of a motorcycle used in motocross. A sturdy frame and flat tires make the mountain bike be able to ride through rough as well as mountainous terrain. Mountain bikes come in full-suspension and with hydraulic disk brakes. They are also equipped with a full-face helmet and body armour. All these have made many people gain interest in this sport.

Pedalnationevents.com has a lot to offer when it comes to mountain biking, and hopefully after visiting the site you will develop an interest to try this type of biking as a sport and fitness tool. If you are planning to start mountain biking, we are here to help you; we provide a wide range of topics for the beginners. Some of the sections that we cover in our site include MTB styles, disciplines, and techniques. We also cover other areas like Mountain Biking Trail Guidelines, first aid and safety. Those are not all sections we have; there are also detailed sections about Mountain Biking Equipment and Gear as well as Mountain Bikes. Enjoy navigating through our website and rock on!

Have you ever wanted to take a stab at designing your very own style of Nutcase Helmet? (Yeah, that is right, create and design a helmet on your own with the chance of it being produced in 2014!)

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Winner announced during our conference in Ocean City MD.

For tickets to the conference starting on Dec, 2nd 2015 visit www.PrincessRoyale.com/OceanCityHotel or call Toll-Free at 1-800-4-ROYALE