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Is Car Racing Safe After Breast Implant Surgery?

While modern breast implant surgery is very advanced and usually has fairly brief and painless recovery periods, you still do have to be careful not to damage or put unnecessary stress on your breast area after receiving breast implant surgery. Generally, you should wait at least two months before performing any strenuous physical activity in order to Image result for Is Car Racing Safe After Breast Implant Surgery?prevent possible damage to the healing of your breast area around the implant. Some procedures may take less recovery time, but in general, it is much better to be safe than to be sorry about this kind of thing, because the complications that can arise if the recovery is not successful can be very serious.

One of the most dangerous issues is that the healing incisions and other damage to the tissue of your breast are very susceptible to tearing during the healing process. These tears can be extremely painful, and they require that you seek medical attention even if it does not look like there has been any permanent damage. This is because there can be internal damage, which can result in negative interactions between your healing internal tissue and the breast implant device itself. This can in serious cases lead to infections that can be very dangerous if not promptly treated. Even when treated, these infections usually mean that the breast Image result for Is Car Racing Safe After Breast Implant Surgery?implant will have to be removed for quite a while, and the surgery will need to be performed all over again once a full recovery is reached, and that can take up to a year.

So, as to the question of whether or not it is safe to participate in a car race after breast implant surgery, the answer will depend on how long your doctor recommends that you let yourself recover, and on the intensity of the car race itself. Everyone will recover from breast implant surgery at a different rate, and this can depend on a number of factors, including your overall health and immune system function, as well as the naturally varying healing rate of your body. Even with the same person, the healing time can vary from season to season and from year to year, based on the nutrition and activity of your body at that time. So, in the end, it is best to revisit your medical care provider at the end of the recommended recovery period so that they can make sure that you are ready to race.

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