Aug 16

French Digger Connection

One of the most exciting sports that is growing by leaps and bounds is mountain bike riding. Mountain biking is a grueling sport where the riders take specially designed bicycles and ride them off-road in the most rugged terrain imaginable. These bikes have been designed to perform in rough terrain and are built for durability.

There are various types of mountain biking such as trail riding, cross country, dirt jumping, free ride, all mountain, and downhill. Anyone who wants to be a mountain bike rider will require core strength, bike handling skills, self-reliance, endurance, and balance. Riders who are advanced enjoy high incline climbs and steei0lmyt0np technical dissents.

You can perform mountain biking almost anywhere in the world including country back roads, fire roads, off-road trails, mountains, fields, or even deserts. Due to the fact that the rider may be far from civilization they will need to have the ability to repair their mountain bike at any given time.

Mountain bike riders in the wilderness will need to carry a backpack that includes all of the essential tools for any type of bike repair. They will also need to carry emergency supplies in case of injury and adequate food and water.

There are many mountain bike riding clubs who venture into mountainous areas and prepare downhill trails for all riders to enjoy. In fact, there is one mountain bike riding club from British Columbia, Canada that had a unique story.

xgojl1qqThe riding club wanted to connect 45 kilometers of mountain bike trails with another 35 kilometer section. The problem was that the mountain terrain and topography would not allow this connection to occur. However, one of the riders had a relative who worked for a company that bore holes through mountains with a machine called the trench digger.

This trench digger is used for making tunnels for things such as trains, subways, and roadways. The rider called his relative and asked if it would be possible to donate this piece of machinery and some workers to help dig a tunnel through the mountain.

The riding club was completely surprised when the relative agreed to have the company bore a hole through the mountain so that these two bike trails could be connected. It seemed that the owner of this company was a mountain bike enthusiast. Even though the cost of doing this job was extremely high, the owner was not out of pocket because he declared it as a tax write off.

To show their deep appreciation and gratitude the riding club placed a plaque at the entrance to the tunnel that connected these two mountain bike trails and called it the French Digger Connection.

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