Oct 19

Car Detailing Processes

Car detailed is simply the process of doing a makeover to an old car. Car detailing process involves an array of aspects which include cleansing the interiors, exterior detailing, paint restoration, wheels care as well as engine refurbishment. When all this is properly done, the car turns into a state close to that of a new one.

Car detailing is usually done when an owner is planning to sell an old car. That being said, it is wise to hire an expert to do the detailing before putting your car on sale as this not only gives your vehicle a perfect look, but ideally raises the resale cost of the car.

You will come across many centers for car detailing where experts do all the necessary tasks to make your vehicle look as good and shiny as a new. However, before you can contact any of these centers, you need to know various things about the services they will be offering you, so that you can know what exactly you will be paying for. In this article, we will be guiding you through the most common processes with a few points you need to keep in mind when visiting any of the detailing centers.

Exterior Detailing

In this process, the main aim is to give the car a glossy, shiny and a refreshed look. There are various techniques which are employed so as to achieve the perfect look and they include washing, polishing as well as waxing. Specialized towels are used to dry the surface and certified polishes and waxes are applied of the car’s surface so as to give a glowing and shiny appearance. The headlamps, tail lights, bumpers and windows are all given special treatments to give a new car look. Scratch removal is ideally a part of this process where all sorts of scratches and stains as well are treated by experts with modern techniques.

Interior Car Detailing

This process involves the cleaning of the cabin; cleaning carpets and foot maps as well as shampooing of the seats. Special brushes and tools are used to clean the seats giving a serene look of the interior.

Engine Bay

The engine is arguable the most important element of a car and detailing the engine is even more important. This process can be quite expensive, but it certainly adds value to your car and gives your car a higher chance of selling.